WTF! Mika Singh slapped a doctor at an event in Delhi; police complaint has been filed

According to Indian Express, Mika Singh slapped a doctor at an event organized in Delhi on 11th April and a police complaint has been filed against him for the same.

The concert was co-ordinated by Delhi Ophthalmological Society. Mika was performing on his famous songs. He had asked all the males to gather at the left and right sides of his stage while the women to be at the centre throughout his performance. By the end of the show, when some doctors were having dinner, they saw that the music had stopped and Mika had called the bouncers to bring one of the doctors on the stage.

What happened was, this doctor, 30 years old, didn’t stand at the sides and kept coming toward the center where the women were there and kept dancing continuously. Mika called him on the stage and slapped him hard.

You can watch the video here –


The doctors had all united and decided to fight against Mika, as can be seen in the pictures.

Mika singh slapped a doctor (2)


They tore his posters and standees. The situation went out of control.

Mika singh slapped a doctor (3)


When the scene got nasty, the police had to intervene to take it into control.

Mika singh slapped a doctor (4)


The furious crowd was promised by the policemen that proper action would taken against Mika Singh.

Mika singh slapped a doctor (1)


The Secretary of the DOS, Dr Rajesh Sinha was at SHO, Inderpuri reporting the incident to the police. He said “The doctor, who got slapped, got an examination done from RML hospital and we were just going through the reports. The doctor has a small perforation on his eardrum, so you can well imagine the intensity with which Mika slapped him.”

The action is still awaited but a complaint has been filed. For such an outrageous behavior, we must say that Mika should be punished. What do you think?

All the images and news information have been sourced from The Indian Express.