This metal cover of ‘Desi Look’ is so brutal it is good!

After giving us a brutally metal version of Honey Singh’s Satan song, metal heads, Vipul Verma and Karan Katiyar are back with a smashing metal cover!

You all must have listened to and watched the popular Bollywood dance number ‘Desi Look’ that features Sunny Leone dressed like a Victoria’ Secret’s angel dancing to the not-so-good-song.

sunny leone desi look

Don’t know if you liked the song much , I didn’t!.

The talented duo decided to give this Bollywood song a metal makeover and it is amazing!

desi look metal cover

Give this a listen and have a good ‘head-banging’ break at work.  You will love this metal cover of the “so-called” sexy song of the year.  

I rate this 10 on 10! What about you?