Men talk about how they were ‘Bhai-zoned’ and it is worth a watch!

Rakhi is the only day when all men are proud to be called ‘Bhaiya’ or ‘Bro”. On the event of Rakhi, Sortedd decided to talk to men about something that is very close to them- “the feeling of being bhai-zoned.”

The team Sortedd asked men to share their ‘bhai-zone experience’.

This one is epic!

4 or 5 years back, I was on Orkut and I was chatting to a girl. For 3 days I chatted with her and on a fine day I asked her, “can we meet?”. She said, “yeah, sure, we can.”, so I asked, “when are you free?”. She said, “OK, I will let you know. I have to go somewhere. TTYL.” I said, “OK, bye”, she said, “OK. Bye. Cya, Bro!” :’)

bhai zoned sortedd story

Others too joined this guy and spoke about their experiences.

bhai zoned sortedd story junior

bhai zoned sortedd college junior

And there are lots more!

Later, the team went around asking girls how they ‘bhai-zone’ boys and it is not really important to know. ;)

Watch this hilarious video.

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Note: We chose not hear the guy with curly hair.