10 perks of having an older brother

Brothers have a tendency to do things and get on our nerves. No matter, how much we want them to leave us alone, we always miss their presence when they are not around. Elder brothers are like a box of candy we ate as kids, sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are sour.  Whatever you do, they will always make sure you are safe and in good hands. Here are 10 perks of having an elder brother.

1. You understand men better! Thanks to Bhai (Indian word for brother) and his ways, you know what your boy-friends expect as a friend from you and you know how to deal with your bae too.

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2. Because you followed what he did in his childhood, you are more fearless than the other girls. You and your brother have done scariest of things in childhood, from jumping off a tree to slapping the boy who cussed at you and fleeing away.

girl punching a boy


3. Thanks to him, you are less boring than the other typical girls. You love sports because you played sports and watched sports channels with him. You are an ultimate girlfriend a man would like to take to a sports club with his friends.



4. You are good at competing. The childhood games and competitions with him have made you a better competitor whether it is about participating in a school competition or making it in the corporate world. 

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5. You have a protector. Your brother will be your bodyguard for life. Tell him about a boy passing lewd comments at you outside school and you will never see him again. 

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6. You will always know good looking senior boys because of your brother. If he is your brother’s friend, he has to be a brilliant guy. ;)

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7. You will always be his dating adviser! He will definitely come to you to ask what gifts to buy for his girl and what things to say to woo his crush. 

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8.He will always loan you money. A big brother will always find it cruel to say a no to his little sister. 

counting money


9. You will know all the cool stuff before your time. 



10. He will always love you!




To have an older brother is a gift for life! Share your childhood brother-sister memory with us. :)

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