MediaTek emerges as the world’s leading smartphone chipset vendor

Qualcomm, which has a wide range of chipsets for powering smartphones — from entry-level devices to premium flagship phones, used to be the leading chips vendor when it comes to smartphones. However, that is no longer the case.

As per the report from Counterpoint, a research firm, Taiwan-based MediaTek has overtaken US-based Qualcomm to become the world’s biggest vendor of smartphone chipsets in terms of market share. It managed to grab 31 percent of the market share, a lead of 2 percent over Qualcomm.


The report reveals that more than 100 million MediaTek-powered smartphones were sold in the third quarter of this year, which represents a five percent increase compared to the same time last year. The company also managed to boost its revenue by almost 50 percent.

The company credits its notable growth to the gains in the market share. As per the Counterpoint research, MediaTek’s advancement in the market is largely due to the strong performance in the $100-250 price band and its continued growth in markets like India and China.

While Qualcomm still remains the leading chipset vendor in the United States, MediaTek is now working on establishing its presence in the US. Qualcomm is focusing on the 5G chips, in which it remains the leader, but MediaTek is cashing in on the demand for mid-range smartphones. The Taiwan-based chipmaker has also launched its 5G-focused chips, MediaTek Dimensity series, which is also finding its way to mid-range and premium mid-range smartphones.