14 mean sitcom characters who we absolutely love to love!

You don’t have a TV set but you can’t stop downloading them. And you, you, ‘little couch potato’ would do anything to see your favorite mean character EVERY DAY! (Of course, until you fall asleep!) 
They want you to hate them, loathe them, curse them in your dreams but you hate them like you love them and you just can’t get enough of them in one. You get your thrills watching them trip over sensitive people & rip their wits apart. Who are they? Here you go! 

1. Charlie Harper – Two and a half men  (Played by Charlie Sheen)
This hedonistic, alcoholic bachelor takes on everyone who denies living his dream that includes alcohol, money, women women and women. His mean yet humorous dialogues burst you in splits of laughter.charlie harper 1Source

2. Maya Sarabhai – Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (Played by Ratna Pathak)
Maya, known for her scornful yet funny remarks for Monisha categorizing her as LS, middle class and dumb take the cake all the time and you can’t help loving her for her dialogue delivery with that straight face.
maya sarabhai
3. Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory (Played by Jim Parsons)
A geeky science maniac who believes he is the only living genius in the entire planet, he is self-indulgent and breathes physics at all moments in life. This nerd is very well known for his awesome one liners which leave you laughing your guts out. sheldon cooperSource

4. Jayshree – Khichdee (Played by Vandana Pathak)
This selfish daughter in law who cares for her sarees and food that she cooks more than her about to die of heart attack Babuji (father-in-law). Her amazing sense of being-a-mean-widow-humor is impressively killer!


5. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother (Played by Neil Patrick Harris)
‘High-functioning sociopath’ – The suited serial play boy, Ted’s ‘bro’ and the originator of the world’s best words, phrases and quotes, Barney is everybody’s favorite with his cut to the chase attitude and straight forward statements that reek of selfishness, rude behavior, lust for sex and humor of a different light.

Barney StinsonSource

6. Chandler Bing – Friends (Played by Matthew Perry)
“Could that be any more…” and his patent, “Oh my God!” in his own typical way can’t be forgotten. Sarcasm melts and drips from his rude dialogues and you can’t help but love him for them.


7. Penny – The Big Bang Theory (Played by Kaley Cuoco)
The socially intelligent, outgoing babe with poor driving skills, and a Chinese tattoo on her right butt that says ‘soup’ has stolen everyone’s hearts for her selfishness, complacency and insensitivity that could be seen on the show. This darling babe has juxtaposed qualities with her nerdy friends and that is what sets her apart.


8. Max Black – 2 Broke Girls (Played by Kat Dennings)
The dramatic disasters in her life and her tough outspoken character grow on you. You can’t help but love her.

max 2Source

9. Stewie Griffin – The Family Guy (Voice provided by Seth MacFarlane )
He is right there! He is the villain on the show and you adore him for his serious obsession for violence and matricide. He finds ways to kill his mother! This intelligent one year old prodigy who invented fighter jets, robots, funs, etc. strangely knows nothing about how to use a toilet.


10. Sadie Saxton – Awkward (Played by Molly Tarlov)
The sick of “fat gene” teenager is known for her ill-famed catchphrase, “You’re welcome,” that she sarcastically says to combat a rude comment.

sadie 1Source

11. Charlie Goodson – Anger Management (Played by Charlie Sheen)
Charlie Sheen rocks with his ‘Anger Management’ issues! His fits of anger do bad to him but we love how he tries to manage his complicated life humorously.


12. Homer Simpson – The Simpsons (Voice provided by Dan Castellaneta)
Homer gets you with his stupid acts, his lazy immobile butt and his volcanic anger issues. His love for donuts and his envious behaviour towards his neighbours are always entertaining to watch and don’t even forget how he strangles Bart!


13. Liz Lemon – 30 Rock (Played by Tina Fey)
Can we ever get enough of Liz for her exceedingly feminist, geeky and antisocial behaviour in the show and her queer way of explaining her feeling using events from the Star Wars?

14. Jay Pritchett – Modern Family (Played by Ed O’Neill)
You learnt being sarcastic through him and you are amused by how he tortures Phil. Aren’t you?


I’d love to know which one of these is your favorite!

If you love any other sitcom characters, do share with us or share these awesome crackers with the ones who do! Ciao.

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Written by Devika Ohri