Mark Zuckerberg has answered the question that has been haunting us for a while now

Mark Zuckerberg is in New Delhi today to host a Q&A Townhall at the IIT campus. We all knew what was coming to him, in the form of questions. Many of us wanted to know what would happen if we don’t like/share the chain messages which read, “dekhte hi share karein.” Or, if Facebook was really donating $1 like the posts of many weak children claimed to? And of course, the most important of them all, which this kind woman asked:

To this, Mark replied,

We will prioritise stopping Candy Crush requests on Facebook.

You’re a good man, Mark. We’re looking forward to this. While Mark is at it, you ~can~ get rid of those requests from Candy Crush Saga or any other game that annoys you.

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