Junior Bachchan and Bollywood Gandu were having a regular Twitter banter, until KRK happened

Looks like every other stand up comedian or every other popular YouTube channel’s wanna-be-funny anchor has only one person to dig jokes at. Junior Bachchan! The act of making fun of Abhishek Bachchan and his dead career is a rather lame and stale trick. Lame because people, he is still doing better than most of the actors and stale, because people used to crack jokes on him some donkey’s years ago. However, now and then people use this trick because you never know when your tweet gets responded to and you trend on Twitter for a few minutes of your life and also appear in a celeb’s Twitter Timeline! That’s too much fame with no major efforts. Junior Bachchan has entered the ring to tweet-fight against Karan Talwar.

Abhishek Bachchan and Bollywood Gandu aka, Karan Talwar got into a tiff over Karan’s mean tweet that clearly took a dig at Junior Bachchan’s career.

Karan’s tweet was responded to in no time!

Bollywood Gandu said the unexpected!

The the conversation went a little far!

Abhishek made a come back! Bravo!

But then, Bollywood Gandu had to play the wifey card! You are sick Bollywood Gandu!

And then entered the invincible, the unstable, the unbearable,  KRK! *Note: He has a habit of entering into anybody’s business.

We have no clue why Karan Talwar like every other tryna-be-funny guy took a dig at Abhishek. But all we know is besides, not being in the right career stage, Big B’s son has all the intelligence to stand tall and proud and can even handle jokes made on him.