This man was beaten by a group of men just because they had a VIP car

How difficult can it be, for a common man to survive in India by following all the rules set for our ‘goodwill’? We might think not too hard, because most of us belong to this category. But hold on, something has happened that might change your opinion.

In an incident that happened in Mumbai, this man was assaulted by a group of people who had a VIP car. This man was the alone and those were in a group. Just because they had a VIP car, they could do anything that they wanted to and they were right in doing so, is what they said. Hard to believe? It is a harsh fact. What are the perks of getting a VIP car? You can beat an innocent person with a stick? Or even better, you can fire a bullet?

No, being a VIP doesn’t allow anyone to do it. Read what happened to this man in his own words.

Post by Ravi Shankar.

Ravi Shankar vip car attack

You and I, we both belong to this category. Yesterday this man was the victim. It could be any of us today. Share this post with as many people you know and let’s bring a ray of hope for such a change which would actually be for a better place to live in.