He quit his job, married the love of his life and set out for Sri Lanka. His trip video is a travel gem.

We always dream about quitting our jobs and setting out for a rich travel experience. While you and I just kept dreaming about doing it, someone took all the risks and exactly did what we never had the courage to do. We have shared many travel stories but this one is different!

Sebastian Linda left his job, married the woman of his dreams and traveled to Sri Lanka. “End of last year I quit all jobs, married my girl and went to Sri Lanka.”


His experience while he explored Sri Lanka was one of the beautiful and enriching things.

the monk

Linda decided to capture his unforgettable travel experience.


Which he calls, “Loving Lanka”! A breathtakingly beautiful experience in Lanka.

flora and fauna

If you ever wondered what it is like to be free, you need to watch this video!