This photographer explains through his photos what it’s really like to live with 4 cats

Haven’t we already established that cats are basically assholes? So pretty obviously, it must be tough to live cats. Now multiply that by four. Yep, four. We have a photographer who lives with 4 cats and through his beautiful photos, he has explained what it’s really like, to live with 4 cats.

He writes,

I heard someone say recently “A cat is useless.” But an animal, whatever it may be, doesn’t have to be of any use. Man is not above animals, it simply shares the same planet, nothing more. That being said, had that person shared their life with an animal, they would have found out that animals have the power to soothe your heart, because they love you no matter the circumstances.

And by doing so, they teach us to, in turn, love unconditionally and with no judgement the people around us. In short, a cat makes humanity grow.

This is why my girlfriend and I share our lives with four of them.

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Our daily lives are very fun because we live with 4 cats

Moo is the most playful one

She doesn’t really understand boundaries

Or private space

She goes wherever she feels like

Django is the wildest one

And funnily enough, he’s the most chicken-hearted one! You’ll often find him on high grounds, running away from a pigeon who got to close to the window

He also gives the most intense face rubs

Aragon is the newest member of the gang, and he definitely woke up Moo’s maternal instincts

And contrary to my girlfriend, he doesn’t mind the camera

Nope, he reaaaally doesn’t

He’s also the perfect desk cat

Although he can get a little distracting sometimes

This here is Gribouille, the king of the house, and the patriarch

He’s also the laziest one

Can you tell?

And so he too makes for a pretty good desk cat!

To be honest though, they’re all kinda lazy

They’ll sleep anywhere

They’re also quite invasive when comes diner time

Especially Aragon!

Gribouille has a more subtle way of letting you know he’s hungry

When we come home, they always wait for us on the balcony!

So you see now why we love cats?