20 legendary Bollywood villains who we love to remember by their epic dialogues

Dialogues jaan daal dete hai yaar! Yes, it instills a snarling life in any scene. Dialogues are a part of any film that have the maximum impact rather than the dance, drama, thrill or suspense. The hammering dialogues, the trendy sharpness as well as the shrill approach of the villains in Bollywood have always been with us. There are many negative characters which are imprinted in our minds just because of their famous and raging dialogues.

These dialogues are still given tribute by the new comers who use them in their brand new movies to have a rocking impact while delivering them. Without boring you much about them personally, I will leave them to you just by their dialogues and screen names!

Here are 20 such legendary villains who we love to remember because of their unmatched dialogues.

1. Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh

“Kitne aamdi the”
“Ye haath mujhe dede thakur”

This dacoit of Rampur has been a visualization of a true villain so much so that the mass in India used his name and deeds to get their kids go to asleep! This character spread a true sholayism in generations. With his love for hands and men, we still doubt his orientation, though!


2. Amrish Puri as Mogambo

“Mogambo khush hua!!”

An international terrorist role was never depicted so awesomely till date! With an outrageously attractive costume, a blonde hair look and a feel of a military rudeness, Mogambo was successful to have a fearful impact expressing his immense happiness every now and then. Even Mr. India was never this happy, I bet!


3. Pran as Raka

“Tera Baap Raka!”
“Hum wo hai jo ameer ko thoda sa gareeb aur gareeb ko thoda sa ameer karte hai, hum duniya barabar karte hai”

Having the real cult in playing a baddie, Pran was awarded lifetime achievement awards umpteen times, but the most memorable of all is for playing Raka. This bandit in Jis Desh Me Ganga Behti Hai had a style of a classic villain with superb dialogues and a continuous way of running his index finger in his collar.


4. Ajit Khan as Teja

“Kutte jab paagal ho jaate hai toh use goli maar dete hai”
“Kuch aadmiyo ki kamzori imandaari hoti hai”

The tuxedo, glares and hairstyle that Teja adorned whirled a trend. With his Mona Darling, this gang leader cum businessman had the power to simply be the strong dreadful man on screen. Dogs and honesty were his weaknesses and he dealt with them in his own ways.

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5. Danny Denzongpa as Kaancha Cheena

“Apna ussool kehta hai.. daaye haath se jurm karo, baayen hath ko pata bhi na chale”
“Apna ussol kehta hai.. jab dushman ki umar badh jaye to usse dosti karlo, apni umar badh jaati hai”

This Sikkimese descent actor had created his own niche in Bollywood by adorning the cap of a villain in various movies. In the 1990’s Agneepath, the role of the mean, arrogant businessman Kaancha Cheena was a strong one which hit many minds, and created a hatred towards the character, which is the actual success of a villain. With his various ussools, he really did dominate.


6. Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi as Lala

“Baap sher, toh beta sawa sher”
“Radha degi, bache bhi degi, suhaag bhi degi, par sukhilala ke haatho se hi degi”

The name isn’t ringing a bell, right? The character and the dialogue definitely will. Sukhilala, a heartless moneylender who “lended money” to the deprived families in Mother India! Such character was later on carried forward by many negative roles in other movies by others but this was undeniably the best.


7. Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Shaakal

“Jab jab jo jo hota hai, tab tab wo wo hota hai”,
“Shakaal ke haath me jitney patte hote hai, utne hi patte uske aasteen me bhi hote hai”

India’s very own ‘007 styled bond was introduced to the Indian cinema way back in the 80s. Shaakal was sophisticated in his own judgments and delivering conversations. With his belief in destiny and gambling, he proves irony can take over anytime with a smile that kills literally.


8. Prem Chopra as Prem chopra

“Prem, prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra…”

To make your head scratch here’s an ironical one from his collection-

“Nanga nahayega kyaa, aur nichodega kya..?”

A time when Bollywood could not do away without rogues, Prem Copra was a favorite. Playing as one of the best baddies, he had created his own space in the movies like Bobby and Dulhe Raja. With him he, has carried his name in his dialogues too.


9. Gulshan Grover as Tyson

“Chaaal chalne ki koshsih ki to agli baar mai nahi bolunga, meri AK47 bolegi”

The bad man of all times, Tyson was the 90s’ villain who dressed badly, walked badly, and was bad to everyone coming by. With his guns, innovative ways to catch the hero, his love for killing people was seen to achieve his greed in every scene. Mohra really got its spice with this man.


10. Madan puri as Prakash

“Hum waqt ka intezar nahi karte, waqt hamara intezaar karti hai!”

He might have got erased somewhere in your mind, but you can create him again and remember him with his attitude hitting dialogue against time, which we still hear often. Rofoo Chakkar was a hit and so was Prakash from this movie.


11. Shakti Kapoor as Gogo

“Crime master Gogo naam hai mera, aankhen nikaalke gotiyan khelta hun”
“Kya cheez cut piece!”

When your dil goes garden garden, his may not, because he is a nanhasa pyaara sa chota sa bacha who creates havoc in every scene he is in. Be it Crime master Gogo from Andaaz Apna Apna, or the Balma from Chalbaaz, his roles have always been cheesy!

12. Raza murrad as Jibran

“Baarud ke dher pe baithke aag ka khel nahi khelte”
“Iss waqt gussa pee jaane me hi tumhaari bhalaai hai”

Along with Tyson, Jibran was an eminent drug lord in Mohra. Threatening them all and making things done was his specialty.


13. Ranjith as Kundan

“Iss sheher me sikka sarkaar ka zaroor chalta hai par raaj apna hi”
“Beauty beauty beauty…. Beti beti beti…

Be it in the ’80s Bollywood movies like Hulchul and Dharmatma or the recent ones like Housefull 2, Ranjeet is Ranjeet. He loved being bad, being mean, and being called the rape king. His villain- hood is always accompanied by his gaudy costumes and make up.


14. Lalita Pawar as Mrs. Kumar

“Tere muh me keede pade”

None of her on screen dialogues can end without a chudeil (witch)! A prolific lady with a sense of smartness and cruelty, the harsh saas and a tricking mother, a horrific neighbor and a callous person at heart, she has adorned all of these in her whole lifetime in Bollywood. Aspired by her, many followed.


15. Shashi Kala as Miss Roberts

With Miss Roberts in Gumrah and an acclaimed negative role in Aarti, she had made many minds think of she being the next Lalita Pawar. Her impact with the shrill voice and a great dialogue delivery really went down well with the audience. Her idiosyncrasy was her laugh, the typical one! I bet you can hear it now!

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16. Om puri as Baapji

“Jay Radha Maadhav”
“Mujhe koi nahi maar sakta, na aage se na piche se, na daaye se na baaye se, na aadmi na maanav!!”

Baapji – ruling the village and making his own constitution in that area, threatening and keeping up the fear among the dwellers, was his trend. He claimed to be immortal till a Narsimha came to beat him up and have a truthful demise.

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17. Anupam Kher As Dr. Dang

“Dr. Dang creates war”
“Iss thappad ki goonj suni tumne, ab tumhe iss goonj ki goonj sunaai degi tumhe zindagi bhar”

The evil scientist who created havoc in Karma went down really well with the audience. The impact that he gave to science (and thappads!) proved that when in wrong hands, it can be transformed to any extend of destruction.


18. Prem Nath As Dharmatma

“Mein roz kaanoon banata hun, aur roz todta hoon!”
“Maut hi ek aisi sachaai hai jo atal hai.. jisse koi bhaag nahi sakta”

Dharmatma, the god of all souls and the helping hand for many was a positively negative character (hope you got the paradox). This filthy rich Dharamdas had only one enemy, his own son. His attitude towards law and order, police and rules were all ideal according to him.


19. Sadashiv Amrapurkar As Maharani

“Yaha ka raja, is jism ke bazaar ka maharaja aur naam maharani”

Chonkiye mat! Yes, as maharani! Not raja. Remember? The eunuch that he played in Sadak was seriously marvelous to which audiences did get hooked. The mafia that he played keeping up the flesh trade along with being a transgender was challenging and something really different.

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20. Nana Patekar As Anna

“Dhandhe me koi kiska baap nahi, koi kisika beta nahi”
“Ye dhukh naam ki bimari ka ilaaj koi doctor ke paas nahi..iska ilaaj khud hi karna padta hai”

A gang lord played by Nana was accepted widely. He was cold blooded, wild, hyper and had that crazy sting in him whenever he saw fire. The characteristic of this role was really an add-on for the movie, Parinda. Anna really overshadowed Anil Kapoor’s role in many scenes.

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If you can think of any other legendary villains who you have great respect for, do let me know in the comments section below.

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