Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg talk about weed and getting stoned and it’s funny!

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are going to star in a a cool movie named, American Ultra where Jesse plays the role of a stoner and Kristen plays the part of a sleeper agent. The two were called by BuzzFeedVideo to talk about weed.
Stoner in denial

When the two began talking things went really weird.

I think if there is a kind of marijuana

Kristen asks Jesse to identify a few things. One of them included a gesture.

passing the joint in the drum circle

Jesse thought  she was playing an old timey shaman with an old prayer between his two fingers for a guy with weird heart palpitation.

You are an old timey Shaman

What is this Jesse?

This looks like the leg of a deer, bleached on its sides.

Oh Jesse, it is a joint!

Joint of a deer!


When Kristen shows him a grinder to of course, crush weed, he calls it a colander to drain pasta. :/

it is a colander

The two drew a picture of they feel when they are high. Because Jesse knows nothing but to draw the 1993 phoenix sun’s logo, so he drew it just for the heck of it. :/

being high

You have to watch this hilarious video of the two.


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