The sad developments in the ‘just trying to kiss a girl is NOT molestation’ case will boil your blood!

“The named Sub Inspector reaches her friend’s home and

 pressurizes her and her parents to delete the post.”

The news about a man forcibly trying to kiss a girl in the broad day light in Delhi’s Connaught Place area and the police saying ‘just trying to kiss a girl is NOT molestation’  went viral and made quite many social media rounds, yesterday!

While this clearly tells us what the police, whose prime aim is to keep the citizens secure in the city thinks about women’s safety. It is shameful Delhi; the capital city is considered an unsafe for women. Does molestation and rape have no difference in the eyes of the cops? What were they thinking? What is the definition of molestation for them?

When the victim and her friend, Radhika P Singh who had first reported the incident on Facebook with the picture of the molester, called the cops with the help of the people around to report the incident and register an FIR against the molester, the police arrived 40 minutes later. The police took the man aside, talked to him and came back to ask Radhika’s friend to submit a written complaint.

radhika p singh post on molestor who tried to kiss

Her friend’s complaint was rejected twice by the the Sub Inspector, identified as Sanjiv Kumar for being unclear. When Radhika wrote “this guy Mr. Nikhil tried to molest me by attempting to kiss me”, the complaint was rejected again as ‘according to him just trying to kiss a girl is NOT molestation’.

The victims was threatened with court and police station appearances, the molester was set free and police allegedly gave the victim’s number to the molester which is going to cause a lot mental stress to the victim and her friend.

The whole scenario is different now. The sub inspector reached the victim’s house to pressurize the victim to delete the post, the molester’s family called the victim to tell that their son tried to commit suicide twice and more! The victim’s friend has talked about it on her Facebook timeline. She writes-

A day in a life of a woman who writes a post on facebook:*She wakes up in the morning – angry and frustrated – that…

Posted by Radhika P Singh on Monday, August 10, 2015

Does fighting for one’s safety have a price to pay? Why do all these matters go unaddressed causing more mental stress? Share this post with as many people as you can to give this matter all the light it deserves.

News Source: dnaindia