9 kitchen cleaning tips you should definitely share with your mother

Our mothers spend most of their time in the kitchen. That’s one place she will always be if she can’t be found in the entire house. The queen of the kitchen works day and night to cook delicious treats for you. What can you do in return for her? Help her in the kitchen and show her this article!  We bring to you 9 wisest kitchen cleaning tips for all the mothers to help them keep their kingdom clean and prosperous.

1. To clean the sticking cooking oil infused dust, use microfiber cloth. Dip it in very hot water, constantly and rub clean the area in the kitchen. Hot water softens the dirt and you will be able to to have a clean, shining kitchen. 

Kitchen counter being cleaned by womanSource

2. Use a tooth pick to get dry gunk bits of dust out of your electronics. 

cleaning the gung out of mixersSource

3. To get rid of the bad stench out of your kitchen tumblers and plastic boxes, put some hot boiling vinegar in the utensil. In a few minutes, your house will smell like how it smelt before you cooked. 


4. Use baking soda and lemon as your sink scrubbers. 

sink cleaning lemon and baking sodaSource

5. For clean and shiny tiles even on their edges, use baking soda and tooth brush to clean. Even vinegar is good if mixed with baking soda.

baking soda and tooth brush to clean kitchen tilesSource

6. Ashamed of letting your guests peek into your microwave? Try placing a damp sponge or rag in the microwave and heat it up for 3 to 5 minutes. In a few minutes the steam will loosen all the dry dust caked onto your microwave walls. Use the same damp sponge/rag to wipe clean your microwave! 

microwave oven in kitchenSource

7. You can keep baking soda in the freezer and the fridge to minimize any odor or smell.

baking soda in the freezerSource

8. Most dish sponges have dangerous bacteria. Nuke them in the microwave to ensure their hygiene. 


9. Sterilize your fridge once a week with hot water and soap. Later use a dry cloth to clean. 


Share your mom’s personal favourite kitchen cleaning tip in with us!


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