This video of real couples kissing from all around the world is a beautiful story of love

You might have spotted a couple kissing on the corner of the street before saying good-bye to each other or if you are an Indian, you might have ‘caught’ a few couples kissing in a moving car (because the authorities do not allow people to kiss in public). This could be a shocker for a non-Indian reader. Sadly, this is true! But what you may not have seen is couples demonstrating their love for each other fearlessly. Instead of making the ‘one word videos‘, Cut Video has this time decided to shoot real couples from around the kissing each other in an open setting.

kissing around the world tokyo

From open grounds, to side walks, to parks, to crowded market, couples showed their love for each other without any care of the world around them in this beautiful video.

kissing around the world seattle

kissing around the world shanghai

kissing around the world seattle usa

kissing around the world rome

kissing around the world adelaide

While in the other locations people really did not matter, India had a different scenario.

kissing around the world new delhi india

kissing around the world new delhi

This was a sweet surprise for these Indians. But inside our hearts, we all want the freedom to kiss our partners without asking for anyone’s permission. (We all know how govt. reacted to the kiss of love campaign!)

kissing around the world paris



We promise, this love filled video will make your day! Watch it here.