This animated show poking fun on Indian pop culture is one hell of a luaghter riot

If you are done with watching whatever comes on Indian television, Bollywood Gandu has got something awesome for you. Karan Talwar has stared a new monthly animated series called “Gandu TV” which makes fun of everything and anything related to Indian pop culture.

The first episode is out and it features Sajid Khan, Taran Adarsh, Poonam Pandey and much more! We have to say this, the animation is very nicely done and so is the conceptualization. It is one hell of a laughter riot! We are totally looking forward to the next episodes. For now, check out the glimpses of the first one –

Gandu tv (1)

The painful ban…

Gandu tv (2)

You must have seen this ad.

Gandu tv (3)

Everyone is curious about this one.

Gandu tv (4)

Basically, this is how Sajid Khan makes scripts.

Gandu tv (5)

The entire episode is here and it is a laughter riot! Check it out –