These kids residing in dumping grounds in Philippines will have their dreams come true

It is both true that no one wants to know if anyone lives in a rubbish dumping ground and that most people think such places are kept abandoned for no one can stay there considering the amount of dirt and non-healthy conditions.

In one of the rubbish dumping grounds named, Smokey Mountain in Philippines live thousands of families with many kids who struggle to survive.

the children in the smokey mountain leave school mid way


the children in the smokey mountain


My daughter promised in the smokey mountain


Men and women work as scavengers while kids go to school only to leave them mid-way as going to school equals staying hungry for less number of working individuals from their families.

the children dream in the smokey mountain


A husband-wife team called Malaya Kids Ministries came across these families with broken dreams of becoming big one day and started making weekend visits to bring food to 15 kids to start with so at least 15 kids could go to school. Right now, MKM is a community that brings food for 300 kids every Saturday.


i remember the word of the god

This story by Our Best World showcases the story of the families, the kids and the two change makers giving a sense of belonging to a community