You will not believe what a KFC patron found in his chicken

Foodies alert! Otherwise quality and hygiene promising food chain, KFC just got questioned on the cleanliness, hygiene and quality levels maintained at its every outlet by one of the KFC patrons. Vikas Grover found a gross and ugly sight while he chewed on his fried chicken at KFC’s outlet in Select City Mall, Saket (Delhi).

When he contacted the outlet’s manager , he apologized for the uncooked food, but he did not mention anything about the hygiene. This brings a very valid question to us – do popular food chains carefully wash and clean the chicken before cooking? Read Vikas’ post and see the bloody images of the chicken he was served just 3 days ago.



It is always a consumer’s responsibility to make sure he eats food that doesn’t get him sick. One can question the hygiene levels at a roadside stall but what about the big names who promise quality and hygiene?