Supreme Court disapproves Kejriwal ads; politicians banned from wasting public money to promote their government

According to the new Supreme Court policies, politicians are banned from glorifying their government’s accomplishments.

TV ad by Delhi Government ! Do Watch, and Share.

Posted by Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday, June 18, 2015

The politicians are not permitted to waste taxpayers’ money on their own advertisements.

The Delhi High Court has demanded Kejriwal’s government and his party to explain how much public money was spent on advertising both on TV and radio channels as reported by NDTV.

The two judges who heard the case today at the Delhi High Court declared that the Delhi government has violated Supreme Court’s new rules and have wasted public money. The case will be heard again on 3rd August.

Many petitions were filed against the Delhi government for publicizing their own efforts. Congress leader, Ajay Maken, who lost against AAP in the February elections too filed petitions against Kejriwal’s government.

The Supreme Court declared politicians are not allowed to appear in government ads however, they can use photos of the Prime Minister, the President and the Chief Justice.

For allocating nearly 520 crores for its advertising for the current financial year Delhi government received more criticism than ever.

Kejriwal’s government told the Supreme Court its ads were funded by the donations made by the public.

Delhi government also tried to dodge the charges by explaining that they have only used Kejriwal’s voice to praise the government and not his pictures.

Latest Delhi government ads have also tried to pull PM Modi to interfere with the government’s rule. The party has removed all the hoardings involving PM Modi.



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