Akhil Mehta, the man behind @AapChutiyeHain on Twitter commits suicide due to depression

Akhil Mehta, the founder of the funny page @AapChutiyeHain on Twitter had been missing for a few days. The fans made a page called Finding Akhil Mehta – Tillu on Facebook. The news is finally out – Akhil committed suicide in Ghaziabad; he was suffering from depression. Akhil jumped to death from a water tank in Tronica City on March 28.

It is said that sometimes the most happiest people are the saddest. Could it be any more true for Akhil? He was the one who made us all laugh with his witty and funny tweets. Who would have imagined that someone like him could have been fighting depression? The 27 year old had over 51k followers on Twitter. He had gone missing from Vijay Nagar in the Mukherjee Nagar police station area of North Delhi the evening of March 27.

The cops were informed by some local women about a man who briskly climbed the top of the water tank and before they could react or do anything, he jumped off from it. He died immediately. Nobody in the are knew him and his body was sent for autopsy which was later cremated on 31st March.

Akhil Mehta was a BITS Goa alumnus. The Ghaziabad Police said that they had cremated the unidentified body at the Hindon crematorium. Akhil’s parents and relatives had visited the police station after getting a hunch that the man who had jumped to death could be their son. Photos were matched at the police station and they were convinced the deceased was their son.

Akhil’s Twitter description read –

World peace through Insult Comedy. Proud Indian. Asli Praacheen Account. My idol has blocked me on twitter.

The people on Twitter grieved Akhil’s death –

Who would have known that someone as jolly as Akhil could be depressed? Are we still shy to talk about it? I believe that talking to someone can always help. Please, do not hesitate to talk and let someone know if you’re going through depression.

The news is sourced from The Times Of India