Kanye West repeats his 2009 stunt at this Grammys. But this time he finishes it only half way!

Remember, how we couldn’t get over Kanye West’s act of snatching the mic from Taylor Swift without even letting her finish her speech for winning the Best Female Video 2009 just because he thought Beyonce was more deserving than her? This year yet again, Kanye came up with the same stunt but he only half finished it when Beck’s ‘Morning Phase’ won the Best Album Of The Year Award. We think he just realized that that stunt was too old to perform again or may be he thought he should just not ruin anyone’s happiness.


If you don’t remember what Kanye did to Taylor in the 2009 Grammy, watch the video here.

Looks like Kanye is either a mindless douche-bag or he is Beyonce obsessed! What do you have to say?

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