Squirrel’s Instagram account is better than her adoption story and we just can’t have enough of it

Hurricane Isaac swept through Louisiana in 2012 and baby Jill The Squirrel was thrown out of her nest into a house. The little babe was fortunate enough to find itself in the hands of a good human. The friendly human who rescued Jill, nursed the baby squirrel and brought her back to being healthy and pink. Jill now has a big family that includes her amazing human, a dog and a black cat. Jill is a great poser and has keen interest in getting photographed. Her human has set up an interesting Instagram account for her that tells us some juicy secrets about this lucky girl. “Vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.” The internet can’t thank Jill enough for being such a pretty looking squirrel with great modelling skills.

Jill’s antics will make your gloomy day at work sunny. She is of course, a blessing in disguise for the bored people found on the Internet.

1. Jill is a great fan of the bird (P for Parakeet) and hugged her tight to pose for the picture

p for parakeet

2. Jill is blessed with a beautiful nose!


3. I can never pose so good with an umbrella!


4. Jill manages to look so gorgeous even when she yawns. 


5. She loves almonds and looking out of open windows.

love for almonds and open windows

6. Jill doesn’t think that today feels like a Monday at all.


7. Just look at her pink tongue!

right side

8. Relaxing with her foot up!


9. Hears refrigerator door opening.


10. Jill’s not in right now. Leave a message with her tail.


11. She is living up the end of summer to the fullest.


12. Sometimes Jill makes fr a great scarf for her human.


13. Happy National Dog Day, from my “puppy” to yours!

dog day

14. What she plays with.

jill with her toys

15. How adorable she looks while getting a tummy rub.