[BIZARRE] This man shot his computer 8 times because he was pissed with it

A bizarre incident happened in the suburbs of Colorado.  37-year-old Lucas Hinch Colorado-man was having a hard time working on his computer so he took it out of his house into the alley and shot it on his head 8-times resulting in the sad death of the machine and him be charged for discharging a firearm.

Reportedly, Lucas was “fighting with his computer for the last several months”. Angry, Lucas didn’t realize he was breaking the Colorado state law by firing out in the open in a residential area.

When Lucas’ computer did not respond to ctrl+alt+delete command after trying several times, annoyed and mad, Lucas thought of killing his computer for acting like a jerk.

Lucas was issued a ticket for discharging a weapon within city boundaries. Lt. Jeff Strossner, who issued the citation, told, Lucas’ computer was dysfunctional for months so he decided to take his revenge for all the trouble it caused to him. Lucas accepted his mistake and will be asked to a penalty for breaking the law.


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