ISIS believes seeing birds’ genitals overhead offends Islam; bans pigeon breeding

A diktat issued by senior clerics fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq states banning pigeon breeding as they claim the sight of the birds’ genitals as they fly overhead is offensive to Islam. reported that raising the birds wastes time that should be spent praying. The ones who break the rules will face flogging, fines and even imprisonment.

The Jihadis told that pigeon breeders they had one week to stop the practice or face public flogging. The document is written in Arabic script on paper headed with the terror group’s chilling black and white logo. It begins with a warning to locals who keep pigeons on the roof of their houses. ‘All those who keep pigeons above the roofs of their houses must stop doing this entirely within a week of the date of the issuing of this statement. Whosoever violates it will be subject to consequences of reprimand including a financial fine, imprisonment and flogging.’


However there’s a new document which states that the ban is intended ‘to put a stop to the greater criminal act of harming one’s Muslim and Muslim women neighbours, revealing the [pigeon’s] genitals and wasting time.’

ISIS calls on its network of spies and terrified informers to ensure that those who ignore the ban suffer harsh punishments – demanding locals report anybody who continues to reveal their pigeons’ genitals to the local religious police, known as the Hisbah.

The ones who flout the ban as a one-off will be publicly flogged and fined a substantial sum. The repeat offenders face being jailed in one of ISIS’ notorious prison cells.

In one of the similar incidents, Mr Abdullah, 52, said, he was standing beside his son when ISIS militants stormed the family home and kidnapped his son.

He said: ‘I asked them why and they said: ‘He is not following the real Islam, he must be punished for being a pigeon breeder. This habit is taking him away from worshiping Allah.’

‘I begged them again to know where are they taking him, what are they going to do to him. They said he is going to be taken to be judged according to the Islamic Sharia.

‘They pushed me, and when my son tried to stop them from pushing me they beat him. Then they put him inside the car and left.

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