Is the WhatsApped image on the fixed World Cup results a hoax?

This looks like both a hoax and a shocker! As a World Cup enthusiast, no one will able to believe that the World Cup 2015 could be fixed. We don’t like to think the International Cricket Council is doing a poor job at eliminating match fixes. A Whatsapp image declaring ‘the World Cup results are fixed, along with match results’ is going viral and how! Whatever has happened in the World Cup matches so far has turned out to be true and exactly like what the image says.


According to it-

  • India will not lose against South Africa and Zimbabwe and will also not be able to have win this World Cup.
  • India will win against New Zealand in the first quarterfinal, but lose the match against Australia in the semi-finals.
  • The 2nd quarterfinal will be between Australia and Zimbabwe, and Australia will win this match.
  • South Africa will beat the team, England in the 3rd quarterfinal.
  • Sri Lanka will beat Pakistan by in the fourth quarterfinal.
  • India and Sri Lanka will not go beyond the semifinals.
  • South Africa will defeat Australia in the final match on March 29 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and will win the World Cup for the first time.

Do you think this message is true? We can only hope that the next match doesn’t go the way it is in the image!!