Please take a minute and watch this intelligent man address his audience inside a bus

Facebook user Sanjivani Lanjewar has shared a video of a Bangalore-man who has quiet a big say about the current situation of our country and the saddening situation of all farmers and their suicide attempts. The video shows the man talking to a group audience inside a bus. From urbanization to agriculture, to non-returning NRIs, to plastic waste and to our footsteps advancing towards shortage of wheat and other crops, the man who says he works in the farm at his guruji’s ashram, speaks about all the matters that need our immediate attention and he is on point. The man has all the facts and figures on his finger tips as he talks about how we, as citizens, have totally ignored farmers and their plight and how we have even completely put agriculture out of our sight as we sit down to choose our career paths. The man brutally introduces us to our bitter reality, “Everybody wants to eat, but nobody wants to grow.”

 Watch this highly influential man talk here.

Posted by Sanjivani Lanjewar on Tuesday, September 1, 2015