10 Someecards for all the ladies we think will turn into nasty moms

Admit it, when you will grow old enough to be a mother, you will be nastier with your kids than your mother was with you. With the blood cells of sarcasm and being a complete control freak streaming in your body, you will end up being the ideal sarcastic mommy darling that we have already foreseen you becoming. So this is for you all potential nasty mothers ever! We have made a collection of perfect mommy ecards courtesy: Someecords thhat speak nothing but truth.

1. Who makes for the best babysitter for your kid?


2. What you think all the time about vacations.


3. What happens you finally go on a vacation with your kids. 

teachers day

4. Waiting for the summer vacations to get over with. 

having kids

5. Once a mommy, always a mommy.
life wiothout kids

6. Sending your kid out of the house be like. 

send kid to college

7. You pray for your freedom through their progress in life. 

college - Copy

8. When your kids finally grow up a bit to understand a few things you dread they know now. 


9. How you perceive other kids. 


10. What you plan on doing with them as a punishment. 

will take you to work

We hope this really got you cracking like it got us. :)