Shame on IndiGo Airlines for throwing away a passenger who complained against their bad services

Here’s a disturbing incident shared by Amit Mohan.

On 9th November 2014, an IndiGo Delhi – Chennai flight number 6E 287 kept 3 coaches packed with passengers for more than 35 minutes. This was after completing the Terminal gate Boarding Procedure on time for the STD of 2045 hours. Pretty obviously, one of the passengers stood up to oppose this and the discussion between him and the pilot became a bit steamy.

This pilot had the audacity to make an announcement that the flight won’t take off till that passenger apologized or he gets offloaded; in spite of the fact that he was representing IndiGo Airlines. The passenger rightly refused to do either of these.

Much to my shock, he was dragged out by the pilot, and physically lifted to do so. This was followed by fellow passengers getting up and coming to his aid. They declared that IndiGo will have to take off the flight with him. At the end, the flight took off with the same captain.

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