14 Indian television shows that must start over again

Indian television shows have a long history and they have come far away from where they had started in terms of content and the direction, of course. 1984 was the year we began with our soap operas and it has gradually managed to lure more number of viewers till today; however, the content has shifted from social awareness to family dramas and rona-dhona-pyaar-revenge, full of illogical entertainment stuff.

Though there are some of the soap operas like Diya Aur Baati Hum, Satyamev Jayate and Balika Vadhu which leave behind a welfare message, I am sure people who were glued to their TV sets in 80’s and 90’s watching hardly 2-3 channels are missing some of the great TV shows. Some managed to compile good scripts in the millennium decade too. Don’t you think the fun watching them is being missed? This bunch of serials should start all over again.

I am feeling very nostalgic after compiling these for you:

1. Byomkesh Bakshi

This fictional detective in Bengali literature created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay was adopted into TV shows in 1993. This Indian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes was loved by many. I am sure people would love to watch the Indian Sherlock in Hindi again.


2. Office Office

This sitcom based on the concept of corruption in public offices was one of highly watched shows in 2001. It was a comedy based series where a retired school master who was registered dead in government files while he tries his heart out to explain those corrupted officials. I guess 2014 is the correct time to restart Office Office; however, on a reality based shows :p


3. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

This was one of the best Indian sitcoms aired in 2005. The sweet exchange between Roshesh and Indravadan, Maya and Monisha was rib tickling. Without even a second thought people watch them again. It was the ultimate dream mix of comedy, good scripting, acting, timing and the music of course.


Read one of those sweet exchange between  mischievous Indravadan and sophisticated Maya Sarabhai

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4. Vikram Aur Betaal

Teaching life lessons along with entertainment is hardly aired on Indian television these days but back in 1985, Vikram Aur Betaal amazed their audience by doing so. Screening the collection of tales written 2500 years back was a great thing. I would surely watch them if something similar comes in again.

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5. Khichdi

The first Indian sitcom to apply western model of appearing in seasons was Khichdi. It sprinkled the greatest entertainment ever in 2002. I am sure everybody is fed up of saas-bahu saga that has nothing but illogical stories. How about one rofl dialogue?

Indian Comedy


We wish many more like these to be aired. This is how funny they were:

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6. Hum Log

This first Indian soap opera based on the life of a middle class family – their aspirations and struggle was aired in 1984. India’s middle class population to touch 267 million in 5 years, says NCAER report; however, all we find on Indian screens today are lavish living standards and stories revolving around millionaire families.

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7. Malgudi Days

One of the most loved serial by children and adults was Malgudi Days aired in 1986 on Doordarshan. On a never ending popularity it was re-telecast in 2006 but how about never ending episodes of stories giving you life lessons and entertainment as a combo?

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8. Nukkad

Another 1986 hit soap opera disclosed the struggles of the lower income labor class in urban cities. The struggle of these people still exists but the story defining their miserable conditions no more does. The episodes of Nukkad gave a hope of ray to the people in critical conditions.

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9. Surabhi

Where Indians are being dragged towards westernization, Indian cultural magazine shows like Surabhi would reinforce Indian traditions and culture. Surabhi had entered in the pages of Limca Book of Records for receiving the highest audience response. Do we have any similar serials existing currently?


10. Karamchand

Karamchand was India’s first comedy thriller where the detective solved local police criminal cases his inimitable style. The same concept was adapted in the movie ‘Race’ by Anil Kapoor, that shows the popularity enough.

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11. Buniyaad

Buniyaad, one of the shows based on the partition of India and Pakistan was widely accepted by many. It was back in 1987 when it was aired for the first time and it has been re-telecast by many private channels since 2000’s.

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12. Hum Paanch

Along with Dekh bhai Dekh, people eagerly used to wait for Hum Paanch’s telecast on the television. With five daughters who had varied ideologies, the middle class white collar worker often found himself in trouble.

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13. Param Vir Chakra

With the real life heroes playing the lead in this serial, Param Vir Chakra was widely recognized as it was emotionally attached with every Indian. The serial portrayed the real life story of Param Vir Chakra gallantry award winners, India’s highest military honor. Such shows should be aired again to popularize these real gems.

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14. Dekh bhai Dekh

Another classic sitcom was one of those serials for which people rescheduled their work during the show time. The long extended Diwan family and their ups and downs had a comedy twist by friends and kids.

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Your memories have been rejuvenated for sure and so have mine. I hope the producers are reading this article. Hey, why not share this article so much that we can really get our favorite shows start over again?

Meanwhile, happy watching!