This tribute to the Lannister House is one thing all Game of Thrones fans should see today

Imagine, Queen Cersei Lannister saying, “And now the rains weep o’er his hall and not a soul to hear.” –S3 Ep 9

Remember, Indian Jam Project’s adaptation of Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song? This time the boys- Tushar Lall, who plays the keyboard, Prathamesh Salunke, on the flute, and Samay Lalwani, who masters the tabla have brought together the Indian Tribute to the Lannister House by playing the Indian musical instruments to the tune of “the Lannister song”. Who can forget the bloody Red Wedding? The choir starts to play Rains of Castamere as the wedding hall’s doors shut and the Stark family begins to bleed and die one by one. Watch The Indian Jam Project play Rains of Castamere, the famous song in Westeros dedicated to Tywin Lannister and House Lannister.

Click to see ‘The Red Wedding‘ scene where the song plays in the Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Episode 9.