Tejinder, the Sikh who feeds the homeless in Australia becomes the Australian of the Day!

The Australian of The Day title is awarded to a citizen who has made an extraordinary difference in the lives of the common people. The award recognizes an Australian who has greatness in character and the award is a token of gratitude to the person.

Tejinder Pal Singh, a Sikh origin cab driver in Darwin, Australia has been feeding the homeless for the last 3 years. After he finishes his work as a cabbie every morning, he feeds the poor and homeless locals of northern Darwin, every last Sunday.

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“I do something for homeless people, so they get more energy so they’re happy. My religion says 10 per cent of income goes toward needy and poor people – no matter (whether) they belong to your religion or any religion,” Singh says as reported by Deccan Herald.

Once his night shift is over, he cooks around 30 kgs of Indian food to distribute among the needy and homeless. The food mostly comprises chickpeas, rice and vegetarian curry.

tejinder pal australia of the day


His van has a signature that reads: ‘Free Indian food for hungry and needy people, Provide Sikh family.’

Singh also works as an air conditioner mechanic during the day to save up money to feed the poor. His monthly food drive feeds up to 100 people in Darwin. Singh doesn’t except money for support. He encourages people to begin with their own food drives to help the community.

“The van, the pots, anyone can use them. It’s for mankind.”

We have immense respect for the selflessness of the man and his ability to do good for the common people of his country. He proves one does not need to be rich to do charity or feed the poor, one only needs to have an intent to serve and to do good for others.

News Source: Deccan Herald