This hot doctor and his beautiful husky are getting famous for all the right reasons

You might dread going to your doctor for a routine check up. What is in it for me, anyway? Same old boring looking doctor, those ugly tests and a bomb spent on all of that!  You really can’t avoid seeing your doctor and so you go see him anyway, get yourself checked and come back home. But have you heard about Dr. Mike, yet?


He is one doctor you would want to see every day and ever minute. Oh… every moment!

dr. Mike with rarri


dr. Mike

Dr. Mike is not just beautiful, he seems like a great person too for he loves his doggie dearly! He is a “2nd year medical resident NYC/MIA. An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dog against the world.”

dr. Mike hugs not drugs

This beautiful husky is called Roxy!

dr. Mike roxy

And together they are awesome!

dr. Mike roxy seeing him off

Because Roxy knows how to be a good girl.

dr. Mike 100 husky

Here’s Roxy giving Dr. Mike a good luck pound.

dr. Mike goodluck pound

And she gets rewarded for being a sweetheart!

dr. Mike roxys toy monkey

Dr. Mike and Roxy are companions when it comes to going for a swim in the pool. Though she hates it, but she does go with him. How cute!

dr. Mike roxy hates pool

And this is cute too!

dr. Mike says be patient

This too! <3 <3 <3

dr. Mike overnight shift

And this is how they look when they spoon.

dr. Mike cuddlers

Dr. Mike is not only a good looking doctor, he is a great father too. That’s how they bond. Sorry, for stalking your private moment, Dr. Mike!

dr. Mike bonding time

Roxy cares for his father too.

dr. Mike wanted a dog

And joins him every time he has to go for a costume party. That’s a Bat Girl Pup!

dr. Mike batgirlpup

You sure want to see more of them!

dr. Mike dog is ticklish

But you can’t go on without sharing this page!

dr. Mike watcha looking at

You can follow Dr. Mike and Roxy on Instagram here.

Wish I had a doctor like him!

All images sourced from Instagram.