We bet you have never heard about them! Meet India’s only Longboard crew while they raise hell

How amused are we to see young boys skate boarding around us.  It is a tad rare sight to see them riding and gliding on their skate boards in India. But skateboarders are still a frequent sight to encounter when compared with sighting young lads doing long skateboarding around us. Long skateboard is an unfamiliar word to almost everyone in India.

A longboard is a longer variant of a skateboard and is often faster because of wheel size. It’s commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, and transport. (source: wikipedia)



Meet India’s first and only Longboarders crew, Longboard Crew India with crew members– Nikhil, Chang, Basica, and Sameer who are going strong without any sponsors or help.

long board crew india


The crew is not looking for fame or money, all they care for is to have India’s name on world’s Longboarding map.

longboarding basica


The Quint met the crew to find out their journey so far and it is quite an inspiring one.


Bonus: Here’s one of our favourite videos of Longboard Crew India shot while they longboarded for 5 hours on the streets of Mumbai after midnight.