How to stop Siri from opening when you hold Side/Home button on iPhone

Siri is the default voice assistant for iOS devices and mostly everyone who is using an iPhone or an iPad makes use of Siri to get everyday tasks done. The most popular method to bring up Siri on your device is by saying “Hey Siri” however it can also pop up by using your Home/Side button on iPhone. If you are a person who uses these buttons a lot then I am sure you must have faced those moments where Siri might have popped up even when you don’t needed it and that gets annoying.

Hence to solve that problem, users can play around with some Settings and disable the Home/Side button on their iPhone to bring up Siri and in this guide we are going to show you how it’s done. Let’s get started with the guide.

How to stop Siri from opening when you hold Side/Home button on iPhone

Step 1: Bring up the Settings App on your iPhone and head to the Accessibility Settings. You can open the Settings app directly from your home screen or you can make a search for it in the App Library if you are using iOS 14.

Step 2: On the next page, tap on the Home/Side button settings depending on the iPhone you use. Since we are using an iPhone SE 2020 it shows the Home button settings for us.

Step 3: Once you are in the Home/Side button settings look for the “Press and Hold to Speak” section. Tap the “Off” option in this section to disable Siri on your iOS device.

Have a look at the screenshots below to see how it’s done.

That’s all, folks! Doing this will disable Siri from opening up on your device when you press the Home/Side button on your iPhone or iPad. Were we helpful? Let us know in the comments below and if you liked this guide then make sure you share it using the social media buttons.