AIB and JusReign bring the 3 ‘How to Cricket’ tips for you and it is effin hilarious

Cricket is India’s second religion. Only we know what it is like to meet someone who does not know how to play the game because honestly, everyone in India has been conditioned to love the sport and is trained to play in one’s early years. All India Bakchod got together with JusReign to bring a video that everyone Indian must watch!

It is “How to Cricket: Basics and Training”.

how to cricket basics and skills

The most important thing about Cricket is the uniform! And of course, an L-guard aka Susu Protection.

how to cricket basics and skills susu protection


One has to make sure the ball is hard.

Not too wet.

how to balls too wet

Or too soft.

how to balls too soft

How to bowl?

The different styles of bowling. One can bowl with anything but not his tits.

types of balling

No, no, not acceptable!


Even with someone’s hand.

human hand


This is the feel good ball!

feel good bowl

Ooooh yeah!


Types of Batsman.

If you are not as good as Sachin, you are a peasy batsman.

types of batsman


Here comes the question and answer round.

q&a round

Effin hilarious!


If you think you have a career in Cricket, or you just love cricket, you have to watch this hilarious video on its basics and training with coach JusReign.


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