9 uncommon habits that will surely make you a happy person over a period of time

It is not tough to be a happy person but yes, there are days when you feel stuck in life and wonder whether all the decisions you took in life were wise enough. And for people who are too hard one themselves being sad and moody is a curse. While we relate our happiness to what big we have achieved in life so far, we always stay behind in being happy in the now and the present. To be happy and content with yourself you not only focus better on your goals but also have a positive perspective towards life and growth. Here 9 uncommon habits that will prove to turn you into a happy person over a period of time.

1. Make a daily gratitude list.

List down three things that you accomplished or were positive during the entire day. Our long-term goals sometimes make us sad but your short-term daily achievable goals will keep you happy each day.

Make a daily gratitude list.



2. Do something kind each day.

Help an elderly person or feed the little puppy who lives on the street near your house. You will not believe how happy you will be throughout the day.




3. Sit down and meditate for 5 minutes

Turn out the lights, sit in lotus asana, close your eyes and shut the world around you.




4. Move your body

Do something healthy. A yoga asana or a simple exercise. If you own a cycle, go out for a ride or, just take a walk in the park.

Move your body run exercise



5. Do something nice for yourself.

Give yourself a pedicure or take a refreshing body spa at a salon.




6. Keep honest and happy people around you.

Do not ignore friends who are going through a tough phase in life and so are negative but make sure you are around people who lift your spirits up while you help your friend come out of the bad phase in life.

honest and happy people around you.



7. Watch an uplifting TED talk video.

Yes, it works. You could keep a tab on the latest TED videos and have an inspiring day watching them.

TEDTalks happiness and grateful



8. Listen to different genre of music. 

While listening to similar sort of music can become a bit boring. Pick different types of music genre each day and fall in love with the art.




9. Take care of your plants

If you don’t have any, buy a few and plant them in the pots yourself. The more you do this, the more vibrant and healthy your surrounding will be. The act of gardening is a stress buster too.




What habit has been able to keep your mood up and happy? Share in the comments section. :)

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