[Video] Karnataka CM’s comment on VVIP racism – “people will have to bear it”

So what happened was, TIMES NOW shared this video of these 2 members of the National Sports Club of India who were denied entry on Sunday because Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis was attending an event at the same place. Things got nastier when these members, who have been coming to the club since last 50 years were pinned to the wall by the police and a lot abusive language was exchanged between both of them.

 As it can be seen in the video, this led to a massive chaotic situation and a heavy traffic jam. Pretty obviously, everyone was upset about this VVIP racism. It happens that Devendra Fadanvis was unaware about the whole situation. He apologized for the same, as can be seen in his tweets:

Good thing that the CM was fair enough to apologize for something he wasn’t even aware of. What came as a massive blow to my sanity was the reaction of Siddaramaiah, the CM of Karnataka. Before I say anything, you must watch the video for yourself, here –


Not only was his response blasphemous, he even mocked and insulted the journalists of TIMES NOW. He laughed it out first, gave an idiotic answer and tried to walk away. Wow.

No, Mr. CM, people are not supposed to bear it. Not if you have to go, not if anyone else has to. These big names are supposed to be servicing the common people, not telling them to ‘bear it’. I have nothing else to say here.

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