This photographer decided to shoot dogs to show how they get older and it is fascinating

When we look at our fluffy friends running around, jumping on the sofa and the bed with energy and life, it is hard to imagine that they would grow up into becoming mature, wise and controlled pets. Renowned photographer, Amanda Jones who is famous for her beautiful portraits of dogs and cats, decided do to a project that took her 20 years to finish. Amanda photographed dogs at their young age and then shot them again after they got older to show dogs age just like we all do.

1. Corbet, when he was only 2 and when he turned 11.


2. Sydney and Savannah, when they were 16 months and 5 months old and when they are 10 and 9 years old.

sydney and savannah

3. Fred, when he was 2 and when he turned 10.


4. Maddie and Ellie, when they were 7 and 6 years old and when they turned 14 and 13 years old.

maddie and ellie

5. Maddy, when she was 5 years and when she turned 10 years old.


6. Poppy, when she was 1 and when she turned 7.


7. Cooper at 3 and 10.


It is difficult to picture your pooch age!

8. Lily, when 8 months old and how she looked at 15.


9. Kayden and Brodie, when they were 11 months and 5 years old and how they looked when they turned 7 and 12.

kayden and brodie

10. Lively Abigale, when he was 5 months old and when he turned 8.


11. Audrey, when she was a young pooch at 3 and when she turned 12. 


12. Rufus, when he was 6 months old and when he turned 13.



For a dog lover and a master, their pet is always young and beautiful.