All Salman fans must not ignore this ‘HIT & RUN survivor’s story’!

All those who have been ranting against Salman’s punishment should understand one thing, a criminal act is a criminal act. Period. It doesn’t matter if the culprit spends half of his income on charity. No Salman fan has talked or discussed about the family of the homeless who lost his life. May be, he was the sole earner in his family. But who cares! An actor who has been living his life on his own terms, and feeding his audience with bullshit deserves better than the one who lost his life and whose family is subjected to a lifelong suffering. A Facebook user named, Charudutt Acharya is a ‘Hit and Run survivor’ who after reading illogical pleas of Salman fans decided to share his side of story with his friends on his Facebook profile 12 hours ago. Here’s his story:


Hit and Run Survivor story


Having stated what we wanted to, we like to bring to everybody’s notice that we are not Salman ‘haters’ and nor do we support all those who have been pleading to give him harsher punishments. We stand for what is right and logical!

Tell us what do you think about this story and Salman’s verdict. #SalmanBailorJail ?