This Indian classical version of the “Harry Potter” soundtrack will make you feel things

The Indian Jam Project is back with what we call the most ambitious work ever that is sure to make you feel eerie, awesome, and so much more. The insanely talented musicians with the founder, Tushar Lall (on the keyboard) have attempted to offer a mesmerizing rendition of the sound track from “Harry Potter” series.

“Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!” – Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)


The most heartwarming thing about this Indian Tribute is that it has been created using some of the most authentic Indian music instruments. With Samay Lalwani on the tabla, Sri Sandeep Mishra on the sarangi, Prathamesh Salunke on the flute, Sri Abrar Ahmed on the santoor and, David De Menezes and Roger Mendonca on the violins, this soundtrack composed by John Williams is hauntingly beautiful.

The Indian Jam Project has covered some of the popularly known scores from the series.

face of voldemort

“This one is especially dedicated to all the Potterheads and to the legend, John Williams for making such incredible pieces!” says The Indian Jam Project in the description.

hedwigs theme

mr longbottom flies

The Epilogue Leaving Hogwarts is going to make your heart melt and you will feel like crying for the music will touch you soul, and leaving you shaken.

epilog leaving hogwarts

This Harry Potter music tribute will make you feel emotions you can not explain.

ah music

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