Google announces its first-ever retail store in New York

Google has announced its first-ever retail store which is different from the currently-present pop-up stores. The organization’s own branded retail experience has been narrow, which is quite understandable as the company is more software-oriented from the beginning.

The first-ever Google store will be opening in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, this summer, in the same building that accommodates Google’s NYC offices. The company would be following the tracks of Samsung and Apple.

What is different from the previous pop-up stores by Google? Earlier, people could only browse for the new gadgets released by Google but the company, primarily, relied on its website and other retail sellers to sell their hardware and services. Now, the company is fully prepared to have its own retail store where users can not only browse for the products but also purchase the hardware and services.

The New York City shop will include Pixel, Nest home devices, and Fitbit hardware that you can either purchase straightforwardly or get as an online order. This might actually be good for Google as they haven’t offered many ways for customers to try its products before buying them and have an in-hand experience of the product. The Google store will likewise offer specialized help for gadgets, including fixing broken phone screens.

Google has also taken all measures to keep the COVID-19 guidelines. Masks, hand sanitation, and social distancing will be required in the Google store at all times. They have assured that the number of guests inside the store will be limited to make certain that customers feel safe during their shopping and easy pickup options will also be available. In any case, it’s safe to assume you will not see a pound of guests for some time, owing to the COVID-19 situation.

This might actually be a big leap forward for the company which has somewhat struggled on selling their hardware compared to the other tech giants. Google calls the first store, “an important next step in our hardware journey.”