How to open Google Assistant with back tap on Android Smartphone

Google Assistant is one of the best voice assistants out there and millions of Android Smartphone users use it in their everyday life to get things done. While saying “Ok Google” is the most popular method to bring up Google Assistant there are several other methods like using physical buttons, screen gestures, or squeezing the phone that allow people to launch Google Assistant on their smartphone. While these are the Standard Methods users can also bring up Google Assistant by back tapping on their device.

Recently iOS introduced the Back Tap feature with iOS 14 however Android users still don’t have that. However, there’s an application named Tap, Tap which can be installed on the device to bring the back-tapping feature. The App isn’t available on the Play Store which means that you’ll have to sideload it to run it on your device. This allows you to open Google Assistant by back tapping on your Android Smartphone and hence in this guide, we are going to show you how it’s done. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

How to open Google Assistant with back tap on Android Smartphone

Step 1: Download and Install the Tap, Tap app on your Android Smartphone. Since it’s not available on Play Store, you can either search it on Google or visit the GitHub page for the app directly by clicking here.

Step 2: Once the App is installed on your device open it and select between Double Tap Action or Triple Tap Action. Selecting Double Tap Action will allow you to bring Google Assistant by tapping two times on the back of your smartphone whereas if you select Triple Tap Action you’ll have to tap thrice.

Step 3: In the next step, select the “Add Action” button from the bottom of your screen.

Step 4: Once the list of Categories pops up on your screen, select Launch, and then click on Launch Assistant. Doing this will launch the default voice assistant on your device which means that Google Assistant will pop up whenever you Double Tap or Triple Tap on the back of your smartphone.

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