Girl wrote a letter to Obama about why there were no women faces on the US currencies, his reply is a must read

Confused, Sofia, a 9-year-old school going girl when got back home from school after learning about Anne Hutchinson and her contribution towards the state of women in the early years thought why any of the US currencies do not have any image of a famous female contributor. What she all saw were the images of famous men on all the bills and coins.

She thought that the best person to ask this question will no other than the President. And so, she sent a letter to the US President Barack Obama.

sofia letter

Her letter inquired about the absence of an woman contributor on the US currencies because many powerful women had made a lot of difference in the history of United States.

Sofia wrote this letter the last year to which Obama replied while appreciating her for writing and stating that he was very impressed with the thoughts Sofia had shared in the letter. He also encouraged her to study and stay involved in issues that matter to her to make a difference while he will ensure that he works hard so that there are equal opportunities for both men and women.

obama sofia reply

Sofia’s letter has gone viral and several change groups in the US  are working towards introducing a legislation which will honour female contributors by printing their names on the US bills and coins.

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