After losing trust in AAP, supporter demands his blue Wagon R back from Arvind Kejriwal


AAP breakup has been in the news for quite sometime now and has been a talking point for everyone. We have been reading news updates about the whole party’s disagreement. Essential supporters and leaders are leaving the party for the lack of faith, trust, transparency and what not! There have been numerous supporters of AAP who donated selflessly to the party. However, the recent events have left AAP supporters in a fix. To believe in the party or not? Kundan Sharma, the AAP supporter who donated his blue Wagon R, a bike and lac of rupees to AAP, now wants his car back. Yes, the news is strange and bizarre but it is true! Kundan took to Twitter and tweeted about it.

Kundan Sharma tweets about hsi car

“I did not want only Arvind or Prashant, but the duo to run AAP. But, when I was asked to choose one, I lost faith in the politics,” Sharma tweeted.

Kundan Sharma tweets about his car 1

Kundan Sharma tweets about his car 2

Kundan Sharma tweets about his car 3

“Bigger dream of clean politics was sacrificed for winning Delhi. No one will dare to clean politics for next three decades. I was a die hard fan of Arvind Kejriwal when I saw AAP from 10000 ft and lost hope when I saw it from 10 ft. All that glitter is not gold.”

Kundan Sharma tweets about his car 4