This Game of Thrones tribute with the background music of Paul Walker’s tribute ‘See You Again’ is beautiful

Do you also miss Game of Thrones as much as every fan all over the world does? We have something for you. We don’t really have any spoilers for Season 6, but what we do have is going to bring a smile on your face – all the good and bad memories of the show compiled in one video shared by SORTEDD.

The beautiful part is that the video’s background music is Paul Walker’s tribute See you again by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth. I got emotional by the end of the video and I assume you might as well!

Have a look at the beautiful memories from the show –

GoT 1

GoT 2

GoT 3

GoT 4

GoT 5

GoT 6

GoT 7

GoT 8

GoT 9

GoT 10

GoT 11

GoT 12

GoT 13

We miss you! Season 6, come soon. Here’s the full video –