11 embarrassing times when auto-correct trolled you

No one has been spared from the wrath of auto-correct. Good things turn funny and intelligent conversations become stupid. We stumbled upon a few Quora enthusiasts discussing their quite embarrassing moments about when the god-damn, auto-correct played a nasty prank on them. Found them so interesting and funny that we decided to bring the top 11 auto-correct troll moments for you. Here have a great laugh.

1. When auto correct thinks you are either a fashion model or a pervert. 

thong story final

2. While messaging a busty oops… female friend!

busty girl

3. Where’s your bra?

where is your bra

4. A friend in need is a friend in deed.

bra dio

5. Jacky Bhagnani for Malala


6. Auto correct doesn’t understand names

armpit got a hair cut

7. What can you expect when you type “cuking”!

sucking brinjal

8. When you send a song to her!

gaana mila

9. Bread and butter!

breast butter

10. Pink what…?

pink panties

11. Be careful when there are girls in your watsapp group!

want a penis

If you like us to do a chapter 2 on ‘when auto-correct trolled me’, share your troll moments with us and we will be happy to share them with our readers. :)

Pointers sourced from – Quora