RJ Naved’s Kabristan dead body prank is so fucking hilarious; you will die laughing

RJ Naved is known for his call pranks, have you ever seen him trying pranks on people for real? Naved has a dead body in his car which he would like to bury in the nearest Kabristan, he asks people on the street to show him the way  in return he will drop them closer to their destinations. Unaware of the dead body people sit down in the car. Naved asks people to cover the body’s face, take its picture so he can watsapp it and check if the mouth if open. People get nervous, panicky and scared as f**k finding out that they had a dead body in the back seat. Some people try to run out of the car, others plead to get dropped for their mothers are home alone and others say they would like to pee. The funny thing happens when a cute plump boy sits in the car and loses his shit.rj-naved-gif


Watch the video and have fun!