French police commissioner shoots himself after meeting a murdered victim’s family from the Charlie Hebdo bloodshed

On January 7th the deadliest act of terrorism happened at Charlie Hebdo’s office. The building was attacked by two-gunmen, the shooting killed many – the 5 cartoonists of the satirical weekly magazine, 1 editor, 2 columnists, 1 maintenance worker , 2 police officers, 1 guest and wounded many too. Still in the state of shock, people in Paris are numb and have become emotionally weak after the attack.

After meeting the family of one of the murdered victims at the Charlie Hebdo shooting, 45 years old French commissioner, Helric Fredou, shot himself to death in his office, yesterday. His colleagues have reported that he had been depressed and over-worked.

frnech police commisioner kills himslef after meeting charlie hebdo victim family


France’s national police union says, It is with great sadness that we were informed this morning of the death of our colleague Helric Fredou, assigned as Deputy Director of the Regional Service Judicial Police in Limoges. On this particular day of national mourning, police commissioners are hit hard by the tragic death of one of their own. The Union of Commissioners of the National Police would like to present its most sincere condolences to the relatives of Helric.’

The alleged attackers of the Charlie Hebdo bloodbath have already been killed, but sadly the clouds of terror still remain in Paris.

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