These people are talking about their first kiss. Do you remember yours?

First kisses are always special for several reasons. While not many have had pleasant experiences with them, many people still love their first kissing experience!

You must have seen how people from Mumbai talked about their first kiss and how the diva Sonam Kapoor talked about it too! BTW, did you know different kisses have different meanings? We decoded the meanings and you surely don’t want to miss them. Check out the decoded meanings of different kisses here.

SORTEDD went on the streets to get a few people talk about their first kisses. While some loathed it, some loved it too!

Some were wayy too honest ;)

first kiss 1

Yes, she did!

first kiss 2

So typical!

first kiss 3

Personal fav <3

first kiss 4

There are a lot more interesting answers which the people gave. We couldn’t help but keep a smile throughout the video! Check it out here –